Scammer Goes to New Lengths

At First Orion, we’ve seen our fair share of scams. However – showing up at someone’s house? That’s a new one, even for us.

A woman in British Columbia reported receiving multiple calls from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Most scam calls from fake revenue agencies consist of the scammer telling you they’ll send cops to arrest you because you didn’t pay your taxes. Rarely – if ever – is this true. This woman suspected these calls were bogus, so she refused to pay the caller.

Unfortunately, the scammer wasn’t deterred. They actually showed up at her house dressed as a cop and threatened to arrest her if she didn’t hand over the cash. The woman immediately shut the door and called 911, but by the time the cops arrived the man was long gone.

Though the man got away, it’s scary to see scammers getting so bold. The real question is how the scammer knew where this woman lived. While this may have been an isolated event, it’s wise to restrict the information people can find about you on the internet. Make sure you don’t share your private info with any company other than those you trust. Be wary of apps that ask for access to your contacts in particular – if they save or share that information, it could end up anywhere. PrivacyStar, by the way, does ask for contacts; however, your contacts are none of our business. We only request access to enhance your experience with our CallerYD features. Download the app today for free on iOS and Android.

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