By 2019 nearly 50% of all mobile traffic will be scam calls.

We flag scam when we see it. (Like to play capture the flag? We do.)

We’re emotional about mobile consumers because we are ones, too.

The FCC has labeled robocalling ‘an epidemic’ and our data scientists and engineers work tirelessly to develop solutions to end it.

Fraudsters constantly refine their approach to stay ahead of the game. They use sophisticated auto-dialers, ‘neighborhood spoofing’, and advanced mobile tactics.

Implementing a STIR/SHAKEN solution can ensure call certificates are verified. But when legitimate phone numbers are momentarily hijacked (spoofed) by scammers, a “certified call” could still have an unknown scammer on the line! Black-listing phone numbers does little to combat spoofing.

First Orion keeps pace with the fraudsters and offers a way to do more.

As this scam call epidemic continues to grow, First Orion carefully analyzes billions of calls for suspicious activities that raise a flag in the traffic. A STIR/SHAKEN solution is a first step to protecting subscribers from illegal calls. But combining a STIR/SHAKEN solution from First Orion with our analytics solutions might even reveal incoming calls are more than compliant—they’re also informative, authentic, legitimate… Transparent.

Meet Scott.

Our Executive Vice President of Technology Solutions and Development, Scott Hambuchen, was one of only 3 business leaders invited to testify on the epidemic before the Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection subcommittee.