Branded Communication is the New Website

Branded Communication is the new website

Updated on 8/29/2023

The 1990s and dot com era was an absolute game-changer for the world. Communication and the way we did business were revolutionized, and the possibilities seemed endless.

But, like any revolutionary idea and early-stage product lifecycle, it took some time for companies to realize its value. Most people didn’t see that website development and advertising would be the way of the future for both communication and eCommerce. Never before had businesses had the ability to measure customer interaction at such granular levels. Google Analytics and other solutions changed that. Eventually, the ability to measure ROI became as important as the branding aspect of websites.

Fast-forward to today: it’s clear that the dot com craze was indeed forward-thinking. It wasn’t long before not having a website was like NOT having a business card. It’s now just the cost of doing business. It’s also probably one of the very first items a new business tackles when breaking ground.

Now, we find ourselves at a similar and pivotal point with another game-changing technology: Branded Communication.

The Problem: Unwanted and Nuisance Calls Erode Public Trust

Bad actors are using your business to steal from your customers and eroding public trust in your brand. Not only that, you’re wasting time and money combating them if you’re not taking control of your branding!

We’ve found that 87% of customers won’t pick up a phone call if they don’t recognize who’s calling them – unknown numbers are hurting your business.

This situation makes it crucial to find a solution to protect your business’s reputation and ensure the public’s trust in your brand.

The Solution: Branded Communication

Branded calling is the solution to the unknown caller problem. First Orion’s Branded Communication solutions allow you to brand your outbound calls and do away with your calls showing up as an unknown number.

Your calls can be branded with an enhanced 32-character display that shows on every call, including the reason for the call, making you go from unknown caller to unmissable!

Think about it: if the whole planet used branded calling, scammers would give up in significant numbers, and global losses would decrease over time.

The challenge today is that we’re in the very early stages of public awareness – similar to when very few people realized the value that a website offers.

Businesses that jump on the trend of branded calling now will be way ahead of the curve compared to their competition. Aren’t you always looking for a new and better way to surprise your customers? Branded Communication is that way.

Easy Number Management and Positive ROI

In addition to being an effective solution to the unknown caller problem, our branded calling solutions offer easy program management in the Customer Portal. This helps to ensure successful programs with a positive ROI.

In fact, your business can see an ROI as high as 498% using INFORM®, according to a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study commissioned by First Orion.

Advanced Analytics also provide critical insights to help you make informed decisions on the effectiveness of your calling programs.

Branded Communication is the Future

Branded calling is the future of communication. With the increasing threat of scammers eroding public trust in your brand, it’s important to take action to protect your business.

In using our solutions, we provide you with the tools you need to register your business and phone numbers, brand your calls, and ensure a positive ROI.

Don’t let scammers steal your business – invest in the future of phone calls with Branded Communication.

Ready to get started? Get started here and see our Branded Text Display solution, INFORM, in action.

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