What’s Culture Like at First Orion?

At First Orion, we hire people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience; however, our company is more than just hiring employees. We employ real people with real stories. From our CEO to our Interns, First Orion’s heart is all about our people, and every single one has a voice.

According to Great Places to Work’s re-certification survey, 100% of employees said that First Orion has a great atmosphere sometimes and almost always. 99% of our employees are proud to tell others they work here. We asked employees to give us one word that describes the culture at First Orion – “friendly” was above and beyond the most mentioned.

We strive to keep an open and inviting culture at First Orion. Every Monday, the company gathers together to listen to company updates, successes, future endeavors, introduce new employees, and give praise where it is due. People also have the opportunity to communicate with our CEO, Charles Morgan, and other execs. With this type of open communication along with internal promotions and career progression opportunities, First Orion is clearly a place focused on its people.

First Orion is pretty keen on keeping a lively and fun atmosphere around the office. With an open-space concept and no cubicles, everyone can talk, communicate, and relax whenever needed. We participate in Bring Kids to Work Day, and we celebrate every holiday (especially the ones that involve special snacks).

The most important tradition at First Orion is Beer:30. Every Thursday, we pause our work and come together for good food, good spirits, and great conversation. The “Oasis,” a green couch surrounded by an inflatable palm tree and giant flamingo, turns into a cozy happy hour spot, soundtracked by the pops of ping pong balls in the background as another tournament goes down. There’s usually a table full of gamers huddled over an elaborate board game, swirling whiskey as they go over the rules. Even the people that have to power through and keep working on special projects grab a beer and take it to their meetings. Having a time each week where our employees can connect with others outside of their assigned teams is essential to culture, especially as we continue to grow. As we plan our big move to North Little Rock next year, we’re already carving out a special space just for our Beer:30 tradition.

Every person at First Orion is unique and from every walk of life. We speak different languages; we recruit employees from all over the world. We have vastly different interests and hobbies, but we all come together to create and build what First Orion is all about – providing call transparency to keep you safe when it comes to your phone. We are focused and determined to change the telecommunications industry, and that’s why we love what we do. In short, we develop world-class, kick-ass solutions & products, and we enjoy doing it!

In the end, what First Orion does matters, and our culture reflects that. We are all hard workers with drive and a passion for this business. We also know that life is too short not to live it to its fullest. So you might say that First Orion is more than just a business – it’s a community.

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