What if Your Customers Don’t Answer? The Value of Branded Communication After the Call

Android Call Log History with Branded Communication

Businesses tend to put a lot of stock in their answer rate. Answer rates are easy to understand, so it’s no surprise it’s held in high regard.

However, the answer rate only tells part of your success story. And sometimes, it can show you more about what’s WRONG with your call strategy rather than what’s RIGHT – e.g., a high answer rate but a low conversion rate, meaning customers are answering but aren’t ready to talk.

We already know that customers don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, but what happens after the call is missed? Can you rely on customers to return a call when they see your number in their call history?

If you’re using an unknown number, people won’t give you a ring, even if they request a call back.

Does Branded Communication Matter After the Call?

The value of branded calls comes into complete focus when you consider the importance of the call log.

Customers don’t answer unknown numbers, and they don’t call back numbers with no caller ID. We’ve found that 87% of people don’t engage with a number they don’t recognize. That’s almost 9 in 10 people who won’t even pick up if they don’t know who you are. Talk about a poor answer rate!

Branded Communication is like an upgraded version of caller ID (CNAM) that lets you take control of how your calls appear. You are not only branding your phone communication on the front end but also branding your business after the call is over.

When a customer sees a missed call from an unknown number in their Android or iPhone call history, there’s no incentive to call that number back. But a branded call identifies your number with the name of your business and the reason for calling.

So, you’re identifying your calls better, but how does that lead to a better customer experience and more efficient calls?

Tag, You’re It!

Do you know how often you’ve had to call a customer before they pick up the phone? When making a connection and increasing your conversions, the fewer calls, the better.

Too many missed calls can lead to lost time and a never-ending phone tag game. Not only are you wasting your time, but you’re also wasting the potential to increase your revenue with a quick conversion.

With a branded call in the call log, customers can choose to call you back because they know who’s on the other line.

This can significantly reduce your calls per individual stat, which is a benefit of First Orion’s Advanced Analytics solution.

Calls per individual measures the average number of calls per unique individual. This is the average number of times each individual was called to receive a successful resolution.

A lower number of calls per individual translates to a more efficient calling program.

No more calling a customer, getting a voicemail, waiting for them to call you back, calling again, missing them again, waiting … you get the picture.

But there’s another benefit of Branded Communication in the call history we haven’t discussed – more engaged customers.

Engaged Customers Are Paying Customers

When a call is branded in the call log, customers can easily choose whether calling you back is worth their time.

If they choose to call you back, that means they’re ready to talk. And customers who are prepared to speak are more engaged and more likely to convert.

Engagement rates skyrocket for companies implementing Branded Communication into their calling strategy.

One call center using Branded Communication was having trouble reaching clients and potential recruits to work for the center. Despite having a lot of online applications, agents had difficulty getting people to answer their calls.

By branding its calls, the center saw a 107% increase in engagement rate and an 87% increase in conversions.

Engaged clients are paying clients, and branded calling can increase your KPIs across all areas.

Analyze This

Understanding your call metrics can help you look at your current strategy and improve the areas that need to be addressed.

All First Orion customers with INFORM® Branded Text Display get Basic Analytics included with our solution.

Basic Analytics gives you access to critical metrics, like:

  • Total treated calls
  • Answer rate
  • Decline rate
  • Engagement rate

And if you’re looking for that robust option that reveals more insights, consider our Advanced Analytics.

Advanced Analytics are all about diving deeper into the data, with metrics like calls per individual, success rate, and heatmaps that reveal which states your calls are working the best. It’s richer data that turn into actionable insights.

Still need more convincing? Contact us and get started to see Branded Communication in action. And when you’re ready to talk, our sales reps are here to help.

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