Study Shows Consumers Demand More Modern and Flexible Communication Choices with Businesses

We were curious about how Americans want to communicate with brands. Do people want to talk by phone, or do they prefer messaging? It turns out nearly three-quarters of us (72 percent) want both messaging and voice options depending on the circumstances, according to a survey we did of 1,000 Americans. 

Survey respondents said they demand a dynamic mix of messaging and calling when reaching out or getting contacted by any business or organization. About 60 percent said that it is important to have the choice to reply back to a phone call with a message instead. On the flip side, 52 percent of those surveyed want the option to tap-to-call in response to a message.

There is a time and place for messaging, according to our report. In the past decade, the consumer shift to messaging has been significant – today Americans text five times more often than they talk via phone. However, businesses haven’t kept pace and consumers are noticing. The study found that nearly two thirds (65 percent) believe it is difficult to initiate customer service sessions with businesses via messaging. 

With Enterprise Spoofing going beyond just scam calls and reaching levels of cyber attacks, it makes sense that consumers are leery of answering unknown numbers claiming to be businesses. However, bucking conventional wisdom 19 percent of Millennials and Gen Zs always pick up unknown calls, compared to Baby Boomers who almost never answer those calls. 

“In 2020, businesses first ensure that consumers can trust that it is them who is calling and the number isn’t being spoofed,” said Scott Hambuchen, chief information officer at First Orion. “Only then can companies employ savvy communication strategies that use both message and phone to deliver a personalized consumer experience.”

Respondents were nearly unanimous that there is a time and place for both messaging and calling depending on the situation.

Other interesting facts include:

  • The top three businesses that consumers prefer to be in contact via phone are:
    • Airlines (64 percent) 
    • Financial services (61 percent) 
    • Appointment services (53 percent)
  • The top three businesses that consumers prefer to be in contact via messaging are:
    • Delivery services (67 percent), 
    • Rideshare apps (62 percent) 
    • Pharmacies (60 percent) 
  • The top three scenarios where consumers prefer phone calls are: 
    • When they have long conversations (77 percent) 
    • When they have complicated questions (76 percent) 
    • When they are in quiet, empty and relaxed spaces (55 percent)
  • The top three scenarios where consumers prefer messaging are: 
    • When they are in busy, noisy and crowded spaces (83 percent) 
    • When they have simple questions (76 percent) 
    • When they are at work (72 percent) 

In addition to providing mobile communication insights, First Orion offers its Engage calling solution which ensures mobile customers know which business calls are safe to answer and why. First Orion delivers millions of verified and branded calls for businesses looking to provide better service to their customers.

Download the full survey infographic here.

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