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September Scam Call Trends: Car Warranty Scams, Social Security Scams & More

September Scam Trends

The weather is getting cooler (thankfully), and leaves are starting to change colors (honestly, it’s gorgeous). Though the seasons change, scammers don’t. You can count on them to be a thorn in the side of your mobile phone experience. Here’s the September Scam Call Trends report, featuring car warranty scams, employment scams, and more, from First Orion.

Most Common: Car Warranty Scams

Calls about car warranty scams are far and away the leader in the September Scam Trends (same as in August). Even though they’ve become a punch line, it’s really not all that funny.

Have you received a call that sounds like this?

“Hi. This is Alicia from the automotive service center. I’m calling because we sent you several notifications on extending your car warranty. And this is one of the last courtesy calls to let you know that you can still keep your vehicle under coverage. If you’d like to hear more about your options, please say yes. If you’d like to be removed from our calling list, please say no … I didn’t quite get that. Did you want …”

Calls about Social Security and Mobile Carriers are the second and third most common scam calls in our monthly data.

Most Common Calls: Car Warranty Scams, Social Security, Mobile Carrier

Employment related scams are on the rise

As workforce job searches rebound, scammers are taking advantage in the uptick in interest from job hunters.

Job Search

“Hi, this is Chloe. I’m in our company’s employment and staffing department on a recorded line. And I show here that you inquired about a job on one of our websites. Can you hear me? … Okay, I’m with you. You’re a match regarding a job. My callback number is 888-441-0868.”

Get Rich Quick

“Please stop what you’re doing and listen to this very important message. In the next few seconds, I’m going to give you access to some free information that can absolutely change your life for the better. I’m going to give you access to a pre-recorded message that will show you exactly how to put $10,000 or more in your pocket in the next 10 to 14 days and then $10,000 or more every 10 to 14 days. After that, this message will absolutely blow your mind. So press four right now, if you want to find out exactly how to start putting $10,000 or more in your pocket every 10 to 14 days.”

Other Emerging Trends

The following calls represent some emerging trends we’ve noticed over the past month.


“Hello, this message is fully intended for you. We are calling you from the legal department to inform you that due to some suspicious activities related to your name, we are trying to reach you. But unfortunately, we missed your answer. In order to connect our legal department, press one so that we can discuss your case file and take necessary action on this matter. In case we do not hear from you, then you will face some legal consequences. To connect, press one…”

Law Enforcement

“Attention. This call is from U.S. Custom and Border agency to notify you that we have found to carry or filled with drugs under your identity. To find out more information, press one. I repeat, press one to get more information.”

Gift Card

“Dear valued customer – if you haven’t missed any payment in your electric bill, you’re eligible to receive $50 on a gift card. Please press one now to redeem your reward.”

We’ll continue to track scam call trends and work to help businesses and carriers deliver a better call experience to mobile subscribers.

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