Press Release: FONES Stops Scam Calls from Reaching Carrier Customers

FONES Stops Scam Calls from Reaching Carrier Customers

FONES Enables Carriers and Service Providers to Protect Subscribers, Meet Regulatory Requirements and Generate New Revenue

BARCELONA (Mobile World Congress) – February 25, 2017 – First Orion today launched First Orion Network Enterprise Solutions (FONES), delivering carriers and service providers the highest level of confidence and flexibility in protecting subscribers from scams and other unwanted calls, which are the top consumer complaints, per the Federal Trade Commission. FONES also helps carriers to meet regulatory requirements and generate new revenue, while minimizing the impact on critical resources and network elements.

FONES enables carriers to easily and seamlessly deploy settings to protect all customers from identified malicious callers, such as known scammers that use robocalling. FONES also puts protection into the hands of the customers with the ability to block any number or categories of calls from any caller or device, including a variety of mobile phones, VoIP handset or online via a Web portal.

“This year consumers will unnecessarily receive over 9 billion calls from known scammers and another 50 billion nuisance calls,” said Jeff Stalnaker, President of First Orion. “Carriers can now prevent these unwanted calls from ever reaching their customers. FONES provides the foundation for a comprehensive solution for the protection that consumers deserve with flexibility to meet carrier requirements and the ability to engage with First Orion in an efficient and easy way.”

FONES includes:

FONES Connect delivers a smart connection to the edge of the network, leveraging existing protocols and processes. Anonymous aggregation and accumulation of network traffic combined with advanced heuristics provide carriers with specific and targeted solutions for unwanted and malicious calls.
FONES Cloud provides a source of truth and transparency for phone numbers. Proprietary analytics are applied to billions of events in real time, delivering accessible identification, description and categorization of data.
FONES Protect offers protection to carriers and customers through the network, mobile applications, APIs and portals. FONES Protect provides a means for consumer consent, notifications, transparency and subscription conversions with a clear path to metrics and analytics.

First Orion is a leading provider of call protection solutions, already protecting millions of wireless subscribers with CallerYD®, call blocking and Scam/Nuisance identification/protection products that are supported by robust data assets.

About First Orion

First Orion, provides data and phone call transparency solutions across multiple platforms, world-class data solutions, in-network call control and its PrivacyStar powered application solutions. First Orion Network Enterprise Solutions (FONES) currently provides call control, call blocking, call transparency and call management solutions to millions of mobile handsets. With branded and white-labeled applications as well as in-network solutions, First Orion assists mobile carriers in protecting mobile subscribers from unwanted or unknown calls, including Scammers, robocalls and Telemarketers. First Orion is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas with offices in Seattle, Dallas and London.

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