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Why Phone Calls Are Still Relevant, and How They Can Benefit Your Business

The phone call is still relevant

Updated on Oct. 11, 2023

Everywhere you turn, it seems like bad actors are trying their darndest to make the phone experience worse. From scam calls to unknown numbers, it may appear that the phone call is becoming obsolete. But we’re here to set the record straight; the phone call isn’t dead and is more relevant than ever.

(Almost) Everyone Owns A Phone

In the United States alone, 97% of the population owns a cellphone, meaning there are roughly 300 million handsets in the US (not including people with more than one phone). Almost every person in the country is accessible instantaneously through phone calls or text. However, due to the enormous problem of scam callers, robocalls, and other types of unwanted communications, the phone call can be a nuisance.

Customers Want Better Phone Experiences

With the onslaught of unwanted scams and robocalls, people are conditioned not to answer the phone. No one wants to risk hearing about their car’s extended warranty again, or potentially fall victim to a devious scam attempt. Even legitimate companies have trouble getting people to answer the phone. We’ve found that 87% of your customers rarely or never answer calls from unknown numbers. Through all of that, why is the phone call still so important?

How Phone Calls Survive and Thrive in the Digital Era

It’s hard to believe that in this day in age, people would feel disconnected. But, sadly, it’s true. Although other forms of communication, like texting, direct messages, and social media, can increase the reach of conversations, they lack the emotional impact of a one-on-one phone call.

Complex conversations also suffer from text-based communication rather than a phone call. When a person needs to have a long, complicated conversation, it’s more work to type everything out than it would be to pick up the phone. Have a difficult question for customer service that doesn’t seem to fit any of their FAQs or troubleshooting? Explaining what your needs are over the phone is a much quicker and smoother process.

Creating Human Connections Again

Of course, it’s easy to text short messages when necessary, but nothing beats the phone call.

People want to hear the voices of their loved ones to feel more connected. It’s the difference between a text message or a phone conversation with your loved ones wishing a happy birthday; the phone call just feels more personal, because it is!

When it comes to talking business, making a phone call is a necessity. In fact, we found that 75% of people want a phone call when they want to have a long conversation or a complicated question. When a customer needs to contact your business about complicated issues, a phone call is the best way to go about it.

The Phone Call is Essential to a Better Customer Experience

Everywhere you look, people are still using phone calls to get quick and accurate answers. People are waiting for calls from doctors about appointments or test results. Some are waiting for calls about furniture or food delivery.

And don’t forget about callback queues, which took off during the pandemic and are here to stay. In a callback queue, instead of staying on the phone for an hour, customer service reps call you back when it’s your turn.

Calls from the plumber or lawn service telling you they’re on their way to your house are another important call you don’t want to miss! These are all examples of the critical types of phone calls people need in their daily lives.

Rejoice! The phone call isn’t dead and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People crave connections too much to let the phone call slip away. It is the hub of human communication in our predominantly mobile world.

Brand Yourself: Connect at Every Step of the Buyer’s Journey

Ready to create a better call connection with customers? Every business should consider branding their phone calls because branded calling is relevant at every step of the buyer’s journey.

Brand yourself across the buyer's journey

Whether the person is a new prospect or a loyal client, a branded call – identifying who’s calling and the reason for the call – can help companies reach the right person at the right time. This can build better brand loyalty, increase engagement, and save money.

Branded calling is great for every industry, from delivery and retail services to healthcare and banking; a branded call is the key to identifying yourself with customers and changing the way you think about the phone call.

Looking for more on Branded Communication – our version of a branded calling? Head over to our INFORM® page to learn more.

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