First Orion to Help Essential Businesses and Service Providers Deliver Critical Calls to US Consumers During Coronavirus Pandemic

People may be physically social distancing right now – but over the phone, it’s far from business as usual.  Essential businesses and service providers are struggling to reach customers with critical communications. U.S. consumers are nervous, and business call volumes are spiking because of it. To deal with increasing call volume, contact centers are now relying heavily on call-back solutions to better connect with customers; but because of consumer uncertainty, unknown numbers mean critical calls are going unanswered. First Orion is here to help! 

While call-back solutions are effective in mitigating spiking calls volumes for contact centers, it raises the problem of unknown numbers going unanswered, turning the process into a vicious cycle. The customer calls a contact center and requests a call back to avoid long hold times, the call center calls back, customer ignores unknown number – sending the call to voicemail. Then when they get the voicemail, guess what? The customer calls the call center back and the entire process repeats.

The solution is clear – give customers an accurate view of who’s calling, and they’ll pick up the first time.

Here at First Orion, we want to help essential businesses and service providers reach customers during this time of crisis. First Orion is offering up its Inform programmable business caller ID solution, enabling businesses to show consumers who is calling before they answer. This ensures critical calls are answered the first time – eliminating the phone tag cycle.  

Who can benefit from using First Orion to ensure critical calls are answered? 

Hospitals, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and credit unions are all excellent candidates for the service. In fact, in response to a request by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the White House, First Orion is already working with other telecom service providers such as Telo and Somos to support the US government’s efforts to address the novel coronavirus pandemic. Business Name display for critical toll-free numbers has been made available to millions of telephone subscribers throughout the United States through the combined efforts of these companies. When calls originate from specified government-run toll-free hotlines, including the initial phone lines for COVID-19 test results, they will be identified with name information displayed on the telephone, increasing the answer rate of important calls by consumers.

Here’s how your business can get started today:

First Orion’s Inform Business Caller ID uses your organization’s 15-character name instead of the default network display and can reach nearly 80 million handsets today. It’s easy to set up – we can have you up and calling in just a couple of hours, and zero IT integration is required to customize your listing through our Call Enhancement Portal.

Inform is secure, as well – calls are scrutinized and monitored by, a First Orion service where we verify that only legitimate businesses are reaching consumers.

We know how difficult it is to get customers to answer under normal circumstances – so we’re here to help now and in the future. Find out if your business qualifies and First Orion may be able to offset some or all of the cost during this time where your communications are critical to our infrastructure, economy, health, and well-being. Contact us to get started.


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