First Orion Launches All-New PrivacyStar

By February 17, 2021 No Comments

First Orion is excited to announce an all-new Privacy Star experience!

PrivacyStar is a FREE app for iPhone and Android that helps tag, block, and stop scam calls for good. The automatic scam protection checks a database of more than 500 million numbers so you always know who’s calling. PrivacyStar’s database is updated EVERY six minutes with the most accurate information to ensure you are protected against scammers, spammers, and fraudulent callers.

PrivacyStar is fully customizable as well. With PrivacyStar, you can decide how a call is treated. Block any number and send them directly to voicemail – or, prevent them from leaving a voicemail at all! You can also allow approved callers so you never miss an important call. You can choose to receive notifications when calls are blocked, sent to voicemail, and when you have a new voicemail. It provides visual voicemail, allowing you to easily search and share new messages. Other features include reverse number lookup, blocking calls by category, and reporting scam callers directly to the FTC.

Of course, the most important feature is the addition of branded calling. With Enhanced Caller ID, incoming calls will be identified with name, category, and enhanced with image! If you’ve always wondered about our ENGAGE and INFORM products, PrivacyStar is the best way to experience the magic first-hand.

Download for iPhone or Android for free and get rid of unwanted calls for good.