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Keno cleans up business with First Orion’s branded calling solutions

Keno is an on-demand, car wash mobile app that sends services directly to a customer’s location.


Increased Answer Rate

The Problem

Keno’s drivers, or “Ninjas,” need to talk to their clients to announce their arrival, ask for directions, and request access to the vehicle. However, they were unable to reach many of their clients and experiencing a 58% answered call rate. The high number of unanswered calls resulted in longer job times, annoyed employees, and frustrated customers.

The Solution

Keno turned to First Orion’s ENGAGE branded calling solution to help lift answered calls. After adopting the ENGAGE solution, Keno’s name and logo appeared on their customers’ phones, leading to a significant increase in answered calls and longer call duration for customer service conversations.

The Results

With First Orion’s ENGAGE branded calling solution, Keno’s business results included:
  • Happy drivers
  • Satisfied customers
  • Increased revenue