A global call center with financial services clients focuses on calling consumers who fill out online loan applications.


Lift in first call conversion rates


Lift in conversion rates


Lift in contact rates

The Problem

The call center’s clients were experiencing a high rate of unfinished loan applications and the call center was providing customer support services. Even though the call center executed a timely follow up, many people were reluctant to answer their calls. The call center had to make multiple calls to reach customers and did not complete as many loan applications as anticipated.

The Solution

The call center adopted First Orion branded calling and saw a dramatic lift in first call conversions and conversion rates. It was also able to move more quickly through its target lists since they were not making as many repeated calls to the same clients.

The Results

With First Orion’s ENGAGE branded calling solution, call centers results included:
  • Higher contact rates
  • More conversions
  • Increased profitability