Hand in Hand: How Branded Calling Fits into Your CRM Strategy

The relationship between customer and company is crucial for the success of your business.

Struggling to reach your customers? There’s a solution for that. But what do you do when your company fails to connect to your customers? In a world where everything is available at the click of a button, engaging consumers can be the difference between a one-off sale and a long-term relationship.

Communication is the most important thing your company needs to get customers to engage. While getting people to pick up the phone is big, it’s more crucial to keep that communication active and open. Using a CRM to enhance your client experience is important in creating a positive business outcome.

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What is a CRM?

In the tech world, there’s an acronym for just about everything. Here, our focus is CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management.

When companies think of CRMs, big software companies like Salesforce and HubSpot come to mind. But in recent years, CRM has come to represent more than just the software used to manage client relationships; it’s also an effective business strategy.

Specifically, a CRM is a company-wide adopted strategy to bolster customer satisfaction – and used to cut costs to gain overall profit.

With a CRM strategy, your business learns the ins and outs of the customers’ needs and can use the information you receive to build a strong client connection.

Should this be important to you? In our opinion, it should be on every business’s mind!

How Can CRM Benefit My Business?

You’re a big company, with an amazing product or service. Great! But when it comes to satisfying your customers, you’re falling flat. More and more unanswered calls, less loyalty among clients. You’re left staring at those reviews – stating that poor communication and dependability are the reasons your customer retention rate is faltering.

Both internally and externally, CRM is here to help your business, staff, and customers. Here are some ways the strategy can improve the way your company thinks about customer relationships:

Enhance consumer relationships

When your company takes the time to look deep within itself and evaluate your current strategy, you’ll find what processes work, and which don’t.

If you’re giving a CRM strategy the old college try, there are plenty of ways you can figure out what works best for both the client and the company.

This can range from monthly newsletters that offer business tips and tricks for enhancing customer service and growing revenue to exclusive offers that are only available to loyal customers. You can also concentrate on boosting strategies that are already hitting the mark, like advertising, social media, and customer service.

Streamline sales procedures

Sometimes what you’re comfortable with isn’t what is best for the company. If consumers are struggling with understanding what to do next after a sales talk, the procedure may need an update. Enhancing this system ensures your sales process is user-friendly and pushes clients in a direction that can create consumer loyalty.

Target your campaigns to the right audience

Tailoring your communications to a targeted audience increases the chance that you’ll reach the right customers with a resonating message. Using this system can show improvements in how future and current clients react to your advertisements as well. You’re putting more focus on what specifics the consumer is looking for – all while showing them that you’re listening to their needs!

How to Improve CRM Strategy

CRM this. CRM that. If you’re wondering what Branded Communication has to do with this, the answer is everything.

Maybe you’ve done all these things we’ve discussed, and you’re still not seeing the results you want. Something to consider: Do customers know it’s you trying to communicate? If you said no, or shrugged to yourself, we see you.

Whether you like it or not, having an unknown number these days sows distrust in people. Roughly 85% of consumers say that a call from a business using an unknown number makes that company seem illegitimate. That’s one way to get blocked immediately.

Eliminate doubt by branding your calls

What we have to offer is simple: we give you the power to tell everyone who you are. With branded calling, you can eliminate the negative perception and doubt instilled by an unknown call.

In the beginning, we said communication is one of the most important things your company needs to solidify to get results. With Branded Communication AND a Customer Relationship Management strategy, your company is on the right path to a stronger value proposition and happier customers.

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