Brand Your Call ebook cover

The Call and Contact Center Guide to Branded Communication: Everything you need to know to create lasting customer connections

Call and contact centers have difficulty getting people to pick up the phone; it’s even harder when they’re calling from an unknown number. But here’s the solution that works wonders on your answer rates and conversions: Branded Communication from First Orion. Discover more in our complete guide to Branded Communication for call and contact centers.

What’s Inside:
  • Why don’t your calls get answered? – it’s a common issue with call and contact centers, but there’s a simple solution.
  • How First Orion can boost your communication – Hint, it’s called Branded Communication and it works.
  • Key findings from your customers – 3 in 4 consumers said they are likely to answer a call if it’s properly branded.
  • Spoofing hurts everyone – Nearly 90% of people expect businesses to protect consumers from spoofed calls and scammers.