What if 90% of your mobile customers loved answering their phones again?

Now they can, with data-driven call protection and branded calling from First Orion.

Trust Factor

Your subscribers get an alarming number of scam calls daily and have stopped answering. They want to trust their calls, but most don’t. So how can you better protect customers from scam and SPAM calls and regain their trust?

It’s simple -- go with scam detection technology backed by the industry’s leading data and experts.

95% of consumers
report getting scam calls

61% of consumers
get more scam calls than calls from known numbers

84% of consumers
would switch to a carrier that identifies unwanted and fraudulent calls

First Orion Scam Report

Phone scammers are getting better at tricking you into giving up your personal information, according to the 2020 Annual Scam Call Report from First Orion. The survey shows that scammers improved their efficiency in 2020, mainly using the COVID-19 pandemic to steal personal information from millions of victims.

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The Trusted, Global Leader in Call Protection

We give service providers the insights and tools they need to stop scammers in their tracks so their customers can trust their phones again. First Orion’s data-driven solutions utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver real-time scam protection using the latest technologies.

Service providers, enterprises and app developers have chosen First Orion for our deep data expertise that we have acquired over our 13+ years in the telecom industry.

The First Orion Advantage

Exceptional call protection is about identifying good calls, as well as the bad calls and looking at more than just the calling number. The formula for success boils down to three factors: data, domain expertise, and predictive modeling.

It is this formula that is the First Orion advantage.


It goes beyond just a blocklist solution. The advantage of combining feature enhancements, digital security, honeypot solutions, and rich data sources is the ultimate game changer.

Domain Expertise

We are a team of data & domain experts from many different backgrounds with strong data curiosity, possessing technical, business and industry knowledge of advanced modeling, telecom, and ever-evolving scam tactics.

Predictive Modeling

A dynamic solution that includes sophisticated heuristic models and machine learning applications to continuously deliver higher levels of call protection benefiting both service providers and subscribers.

Data That Protects

  • In real-time, we classify hundreds of millions of calls per day to deliver world-class fraud prevention
  • State-of-the-art models utilized to capture, analyze and prevent evolving scam tactics


  • Enable STIR/SHAKEN authentication and verification with our STIR/SHAKEN solution to help eliminate illegal calling number spoofing
  • Ensure your calls are STIR/SHAKEN compliant

SaaS, Scalable Delivery

  • Direct, In-Network Integrations
  • Integrations into Apps via SDK
  • Real-time APIs
  • Leverage our data and business intelligence to build your own

Branded Calling

  • Generate New Revenue Streams
  • Help businesses increase call answer rates and deliver an enhanced subscriber experience

When People Trust Their Calls, They Trust Their Network

Subscribers don’t switch networks when they trust their calls. Now you can give them the ultimate scam protection that is backed by proven call protection solutions, analytics and technology that enable you to build trust with your subscribers, drive customer retention and grow your business.

Give your customers the gift of the ultimate customer experience and get people to trust and answer their phones!

Let Us Show You the First Orion Advantage