Add Branded Calling to Amazon Connect and Transform Your Calls

Branded Communication Now Integrates with Amazon Connect

Are you an Amazon Connect user? Good news! First Orion’s branded calling technology is now available through an Amazon Connect integration, bringing INFORM® Branded Text Display and the INFORM Paired feature to Amazon Connect users via the AWS Partner Network.

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides superior customer service at a lower cost. The service simplifies communication for CCaaS users by unifying multiple channels into one platform, including the voice channel.

Suppose you’re an Amazon Connect customer looking to add a simple solution to reduce illegal call spoofing and improve customer experience drastically. In that case, branded calling is the best solution for your business.

How Does Branded Calling Work?

When consumers don’t know who’s calling, they don’t answer. It’s a fact.

We’ve found that 87% of consumers admit they don’t answer unknown numbers. But what about CNAM? Doesn’t that solve the issue?

Yes and no. CNAM has its limitations; namely, businesses have little-to-no control over how their name will appear to clients when they place an outbound call. CNAM databases are often incorrect and out-of-date.

Branded Communication places the power back in the hands of businesses.

INFORM Branded Text Display

INFORM Branded Text Display offers a 32-character personalized text that can be displayed with your brand name, department, or reason for calling.

And that branding even carries over into the call history, so if you miss a contact on the first try, they can still see your branding in their call log.

INFORM PAIRED – Spoof Protection from Bad Actors

Are scammers spoofing your calls and damaging your brand reputation? INFORM Paired is here to save the day!

As an added benefit to INFORM via API, Paired eliminates nearly 100% of all brand spoofing, outsmarting bad actors, boosting brand reputation, and restoring customers’ trust in your business.

It’s the perfect complement to INFORM and can easily integrate into the Amazon Connect platform.

First Orion’s branded calling and advanced brand spoof solutions have also successfully passed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR). That means our solutions meet the best practice standards for security, reliability, and operational excellence! When you use a First Orion solution, you can be confident you’re getting superior branding and spoof protection for all your outbound calls.

Who Can Benefit from This Integration?

More and more call and contact centers are moving from on-premises call centers to cloud-based operations. Gartner projects that by 2026, nearly 50% of all call and contact centers will utilize CCaaS services instead of localized infrastructure.

That means now is the perfect time to invest in new solutions, such as Amazon Connect’s cloud-based operation.

If you’re already an Amazon Connect user, then adding INFORM Paired is an easy decision.

Not only are you protecting your brand reputation, but you’re also improving your overall customer experience and employee experience.

When customers see your brand pop up on their phone screens, they know they can trust the phone call. We’ve found that 90% of consumers say that they feel comfortable answering a branded phone call when they see it.

A branded calling integration will also benefit your call and contact center agents. Rather than spending precious time attempting to reach customers who won’t answer an unknown call, INFORM empowers your agents by letting customers know who they are and why they’re calling.

And when clients answer, they’re more likely to engage in the conversation when they know who’s calling.

Call Center Case Study

A real-world example of branded calling in action? One of our call center clients needed help getting customers to answer form-to-call requests online for loan applications. Using INFORM, the call center saw a 76% lift in first-call conversion rates, and an overall 52% increase in conversions.

Whether you’re an enterprise with a large call volume or a business that deals with sensitive customer information, such as a bank or healthcare provider, every company can – and should – integrate branded calling into its Amazon Connect service.

Get Started with Branded Communication

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Integrate Branded Communication into your Amazon Connect service and see how a branded phone call can transform your customer communication!

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