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Branded Caller ID
for the Healthcare Industry

Patients are reluctant to pick up a call from an unidentified caller, much less discuss their personal healthcare information with them. They require a more personal connection to feel secure with their healthcare providers. Branded Communication ensures patients feel cared for and protected by safely connecting both parties when it matters most.

branded communication and calling solutions for financial services
branded communication and calling solutions for financial services

A Prescription For Better Results.
Healthcare Providers Need Branded Communication.

Scam calls cost consumers nearly $60 BILLION a year! No wonder they’re wary of divulging their information to an unknown caller. A branded phone call lets consumers know the caller is someone they can trust. In fact, customers prefer a phone call three times higher than SMS for talking with their financial institution .

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Increase patient trust and security

90% people don't feel comfortable answering a call from an unknown number.

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Delivery timely alerts and reminders

Time-sensitive is delivered quickly and painlessly, helping your patients get the information they need.

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Schedule appointments with ease

When patients know who's calling, they're more willing to answer, saving you time and the hassle of endless call backs.

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Connecting Outside the Waiting Room

It's a fact. Healthcare providers that use Branded Communication make better connections outside the waiting room. According to our 2022 Healthcare Report, 9 in 10 patients say they would answer your call if they knew who was calling.

When calling to follow up on online account or loan applications, First Orion healthcare clients report an increase in completed applications by up to 30% when compared to connecting with a non-branded call.

One of our clients — a teledentistry company offering sales, account servicing, scheduling, and support through their calling program — experienced improved answer rates and converions almost immediately using our INFORM®solution.

Branded Communication boosts the effectiveness of front office staff, billing agents, and other administrators helping you deliver a better experience before and after your patients visit.



in answer rates



in conversions (issue resolved on a call)



in contact rate (unique answers on all calls)

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Patients Really Need Your Call …

But They Don’t Know It’s You

When it comes to the care of their patients and handling their private information, healthcare providers have more to worry about. We’ve found that 93% of people want a phone call from their healthcare provider, especially when it involves urgent matters. It’s clear that when connecting and communicating with their provider, patients prefer a good ol’ phone call over SMS and other methods.

The problem with that? Unless the provider’s numbers are all in the patient’s contact list, all they see on the phone screen is an Unknown Caller. And you know what that means: you wasted a call, plus the patient doesn’t get the info they need for their care.

That means no matter how well-intentioned your calling program is — scheduling, reminders, follow-ups, or account services — they don’t pick up your calls. (And leaving a message requires a signed release!) Worse, they don’t answer even when they requested and are expecting a callback, such as a response to a referral inquiry, an online care/product or other inquiry!

And that can lead to frustration and a negative view of your business. 4 out of 5 people said they would rate your business poorly if you made a call from an unknown number.


Of Patients

would answer your call if it was clearly identified.


Of Patients

would consider giving you a negative rating for making unidentified calls.

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We share your goal of providing excellent customer experiences through our Branded Communication solutions.

If someone misses their delivery, it costs us $100 to revisit your house to redeliver an appliance. We do from 5 to 8 million appliance deliveries a year, so these numbers are significant.

Delivery notification retail product manager

Revenue per attempt has increased 15% to 40% depending on the brand that we’re calling about.

Senior director of call center operations in the online marketing industry
Call Center

We were talking with our CEO and showed him a branded call experience from First Orion, and everybody on the executive leadership team thought it was awesome. It just clicked with them that we need this because nobody picks up the phone anymore if they don’t know who’s calling.

Senior manager, product management and post-purchase experience

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Transform Your Caller ID (Ebook): Deliver Calls Made to Answer

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