Phone Call Transparency with World Class Data and Mobile Solutions.

Helping to ensure that consumers are Safe to Call and when the phone rings that they know it is Safe to Answer.


  • Validate and authenticate “Safe to Call”
  • Information, knowledge and confidence ensuring “Safe to Answer”

Our Business
Culture and Foundation

Privacy, Protection and Preference

  • Data and technology
  • Direct to consumer and through carriers

Provide Transparency

  • Who is calling?
  • Why is your phone ringing?

“Safe to Call and Safe to Answer”

Providing the best mobile app solutions to protect customers from unwanted calls.

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First Orion Network Enterprise Solutions

Just announced: FONES product line brings much needed solutions to telecommunications industry.


Privacy, Protection and Preference.

Data & technology to consumers through carriers.

Provide Transparency.

Know who is calling & why.

Safe to Call & Safe to Answer.

Validate Incoming & Outgoing Call actions.

Safe to Call

First Orion Business Data Services (formerly Accudata Technologies), powered by robust data assets & analytics with telecom network integration enable enterprises and communication service providers to more effectively identify and manage business and consumer contacts, ensuring better, compliant, and more cost-effective interactions with their clients and prospects.

Name and Address.

Verification, strongly reducing risk.

Active/Inactive Number.

Confirming a telephone number is Active, Disconnected or Unknown.

Calling Name & More.

One of the most accurate name data services today.

Safe to answer. Get the right app for your phone.



First Orion
Solving a Real Problem.

Our data provides the solution required by regulators in an industry that needs a comprehensive product now.



Our data indicates that this year consumers will:

  • Receive over 9 Billion Calls from known scammers
  • Get over 50 Billion Nuisance Calls
  • Experience at least 10% of all calls from Scammers or Nuisance Calls

Estimated to grow annually at least 10%

Regulators require industry to do something NOW

  • FCC Robocall Strike Force/CRTC/Ofcom
  • Forcing entire industry to focus on solutions
  • Much more complex than regulators anticipated

Industry is searching for comprehensive solutions that:

  • Meet customer demands for protection
  • Solve for complexity
  • Are cost effective and low burden to implement
  • Enable customer preference for call dispositions
  • Balance regulatory and commercial reality
  • Generate revenue and reduce churn