Phone Call Transparency with World Class Data and Mobile Solutions.

Providing 20/20 vision on all calls by 2020 for complete transparency in the call process with CallerYD®.

  • Validate and authenticate “Safe to Call”
  • Information, knowledge and confidence ensuring “Safe to Answer”

Our Business
Culture and Foundation

Privacy, Protection and Preference

  • Data and technology
  • Direct to consumer and through carriers

Provide Transparency

  • Who is calling?
  • Why is your phone ringing?

“Safe to Call and Safe to Answer”

Providing the best mobile app solutions to protect customers from unwanted calls.

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First Orion Network Enterprise Solutions

Just announced: FONES product line brings much needed solutions to telecommunications industry.


Privacy, Protection and Preference.

Data & technology to consumers through carriers.

Provide Transparency.

Know who is calling & why.

Safe to Call & Safe to Answer.

Validate Incoming & Outgoing Call actions.

Safe to Call

First Orion Business Data Services (formerly Accudata Technologies), powered by robust data assets & analytics with telecom network integration enable enterprises and communication service providers to more effectively identify and manage business and consumer contacts, ensuring better, compliant, and more cost-effective interactions with their clients and prospects.

Name and Address.

Verification, strongly reducing risk.

Active/Inactive Number.

Confirming a telephone number is Active, Disconnected or Unknown.

Calling Name & More.

One of the most accurate name data services today.

Safe to answer. Get the right app for your phone.



First Orion
Solving a Real Problem.

Our data provides the solution required by regulators in an industry that needs a comprehensive product now.



Our data indicates that this year consumers will:

  • Receive over 9 Billion Calls from known scammers
  • Get over 50 Billion Nuisance Calls
  • Experience at least 10% of all calls from Scammers or Nuisance Calls

Estimated to grow annually at least 10%

Regulators require industry to do something NOW

  • FCC Robocall Strike Force/CRTC/Ofcom
  • Forcing entire industry to focus on solutions
  • Much more complex than regulators anticipated

Industry is searching for comprehensive solutions that:

  • Meet customer demands for protection
  • Solve for complexity
  • Are cost effective and low burden to implement
  • Enable customer preference for call dispositions
  • Balance regulatory and commercial reality
  • Generate revenue and reduce churn