People don’t like to answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize – call it the fear of the unknown. Still, when these calls go unanswered during uncertain times, the consequences could be more dangerous than the possibility of answering a scam call.

We wanted to see how people were interacting with unknown calls during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we surveyed 1000 U.S. mobile phone users in April. Not surprisingly, 75% of people said they’d missed an urgent call; nearly a third of those reported they’re missing more important calls now than before the crisis.

85% tried to return important missed calls, only to find it challenging to get someone on the line. We discovered that 5% gave up altogether and went to the physical location to resolve their problem – ultimately putting them at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

The most missed critical calls in the U.S.? Healthcare, financial, and work-related calls. During a pandemic, doctor’s office, pharmacy, and hospital calls are more crucial than ever, so it’s imperative that these businesses can reach consumers. That’s why we’re offering our INFORM™ Call Enhancement to essential service providers at no cost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the COVID-19 crisis, First Orion is offering our INFORM™ programmable business caller ID solution to help essential businesses get more calls answered. Consumers avoid long callback wait times and get vital information promptly; businesses can deliver their calls on the first try and make their call centers more efficient. Read more about INFORM™ Call Enhancement for essential service providers here. You can download a PDF of the full infographic here.