Safe to Answer

When it comes to aggressive telemarketers and other unwanted calls, you may not know that you have options. Our CallerYD technology tells who’s calling and why and then gives you the ability to take action. Whether you are looking to block calls, get names for unknown phone numbers, figure out why someone you don’t know may be trying to call you or file complaints against offensive or harassing callers, we can help.

PrivacyStar for Android

With PrivacyStar, you can find out who’s calling and why and block those calls you don’t want. With real-time CallerYD (who and why) you get more information than just the name of unknown callers, you can tell if they have been known to harass other people, if they might be trying to collect a debt or sell you something and how likely they are to be offensive if you answer.

You can download PrivacyStar free from the Google Play store.


Metro name iD with Lookup for Android

MetroPCS customers looking to stop unwanted calls and get names for unknown callers can download Metro name iD for the best integration with their Android smartphone on the MetroPCS network. You can easily block those numbers you don’t want to receive calls from and you can get alerts when known offenders are trying to call you.

MetroPCS customers can download Metro name iD free from the Google Play store.


CallDetector for Android

TracFone customers looking for the best solution to get real-time name information with CallerYD technology and the ability to block unwanted calls and file complaints against harassing callers. TracFone, NET10 Wireless, Total Wireless, Straight Talk, SafeLink Wireless and Simple Mobile customers with Android smartphones can download CallDetector free from the Google Play Store.


Callwatch with Scam Block

CallWatch offers ScamBlock, an automatic detection and blocking of scam calls, unlimited call blocking, unlimited real-time caller ID, unlimited reporting of abusive numbers, unlimited reverse number lookup to identify previous callers. CallWatch is compatible with Android smartphones on the Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint Prepaid mobile networks.

Download CallWatch and get alerts in real-time of all suspicious and unwanted incoming calls and text messages.