Webinar: The Empowered Caller – How to Build Contact Center Success with Call Enhancement

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Do Customers Pick Up When You Call?

There are two reasons customers don’t answer your calls: they don’t know who’s calling, or they don’t trust who’s on the other end.


When customers see that it’s a trusted business on the other end, answer rates increase; setting up call centers for success from “Hello!”

First Orion’s Call Enhancement solution helped drive real results for Globe Life Insurance. We Discuss:

  • How branding outgoing calls with your business name & logo can increase answer rates and sales
  • How to build customer loyalty and trust with enhanced calls
  • How Call Enhancement helps call center agents complete more actions and drive revenue


Presented by:

Matt Rateliff, VP Sales Enablement at First Orion

Chris Lindsey, Division VP, Marketing Information Systems at Globe Life Direct to Consumer