Webinar: Increasing Customer Engagement to Reduce Resolution Times

By July 9, 2020 No Comments

Delivering a great experience is at the heart of every customer service department.

However, engaging a customer on a deeper level is often overlooked in favor of reducing resolution times and increasing efficiency. With customer expectations continuing to rise, it’s important that you do both.


In this webinar, we talked to real-world customer service leaders about how they’re using innovative and efficient strategies to boost customer engagement and reduce resolution times. Some topics covered:
Reduce Resolution times – Arm your agents with actionable information. Go beyond customer insights and put the right answer at your agent’s fingertips, to resolve issues at speed.
Enhance every customer interaction – Utilize the latest digital customer service technology to engage customers on a deeper level, increase satisfaction and decrease resolution times
Make every call count – Bring context to the conversation to increase first call resolution and foster a deeper relationship with your customer

Speakers Include:

Craig Dunn, CFO at First Orion
Prabh Singh, Head of Operations at Keno
Fiona Blakesley, Director of Customer Care at Intuit
Colin Crowley, VP Customer Experience at Freshly
Erin Sheehan, Senior Director of Fan Experience at San Diego Padres