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PrivacyStar for iPhone is here!

Apple lovers, rejoice. PrivacyStar is available for iOS!

We’ve been working around the clock since the release of iOS 10.0, which introduced the CallKit API feature. CallKit enabled PrivacyStar to scan calls and bring privacy protection to iPhone users. Users can choose from three levels of protection: Basic, Enhanced, or Maximum, to block unwanted calls from scammers, telemarketers, and debt collectors.

We’ve developed a proprietary scoring system called the “Spam Score” to identify phone numbers. The higher the score for a specific number, the more likely you should avoid answering it. Spam Scores range from 0-5, with “5” meaning we’ve identified scam or fraudulent behavior from that number. Numbers on the 1-4 scale have been ranked relative to the nuisance level associated with an incoming caller, based on reports our users give us. That’s right – if you want to make a complaint about any number, you can do directly from the app.

To set up PrivacyStar, we’ve provided a quick walkthrough as soon as you open the app. iPhone users will need to turn on call blocking in their settings to ensure the app works properly; it’s a little iOS quirk, but simple to work around.

So how do you know if it’s working? PrivacyStar IDs and blocks calls in the background, so you might not even notice that it’s getting the job done. However, you can open your call log as soon as you set up the app and see how the app labels numbers.


PrivacyStar’s free version allows users to automatically block all identified scam or fraud calls, screen nuisance callers like telemarketers with Caller ID, and file a complaint to the FTC on any number. For those that need a little more, we offer a PRO Version for just $0.99 a month that includes all free features plus:

  • Block any phone number
  • Caller ID Name displayed for known or suspected nuisance calls (e.g., “Acme” Telemarketing)
  • Unlimited Reverse Number Lookup for any phone number providing additional details
  • Add Phone Numbers to an Approved List so they will never be blocked
  • Automatically Block Known Robocallers
  • Automatically Block Calls from Reported Nuisance Callers (e.g., Telemarketers, Robocallers, Political Calls, Surveys, etc.)
  • Customize Protection Settings to create a custom blocking profile by selecting any combination of call types

Download PrivacyStar for iPhone today and try the PRO Version for FREE for the first week.

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