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Combat the Cookieless Future with Branded Phone Calls

The cookieless future is just around the corner, and it has marketers moving quickly to identify alternative methods for collecting third-party data. Early indicators show that marketers plan to shift back to the tried-and-true approach for collecting data – the phone call. 85 percent of marketers say that phone conversations will be a key component of their digital-first strategies moving forward.

The bright side is that phone calls can provide a treasure trove of insights to drive targeting, personalization, and conversions.

In fact, due to the direct nature of phone calls, they can help marketers capture first-party data that is superior to what they currently collect through third-party cookies. This direct connection can lead to more robust, reliable data and true “voice-of-the-customer” insights that just can’t be achieved through cookies.

A Cookieless Future: Rethinking Data Collection and Usage

It’s important to remember that not all cookies are going away. First-party data that organizations are already collecting via forms on their sites, apps, and other places will still be available – the key to maximizing that data’s importance is coupling that information with analytics from branded phone calls.

The power duo of first-party forms and branded calling analytics means organizations never lose sight of the customer. It also enables them to continue to deliver more personalized messaging (even better than before).

Making the Transition to Branded Phone Calls

Many organizations have already started to transition from cookies to phone calls to better connect with their clients. However, there is significant problem that both companies and customers recognize – the anonymous number.

According to recent research, 87% of customers rarely or never answer calls from unknown numbers. The reason? When businesses call, the recipient sees an unrecognizable number on their phone screen, fears that it’s another spam call, and simply does not answer. Exacerbating the issue is that these customers often want to take the call, but they just don’t know who’s on the other end.

To answer the challenge of unanswered calls, more and more organizations are turning to the branded phone call. With a branded phone call, companies can display their identity (logo, imagery, and colors) and a short message on customers’ phone screens. Branded calling results in more trust and transparency, which can lead to more quality connections.

By employing branded phone calls, the power of personalization lets companies reach the right person at the right moment. Not only do these companies get to collect first-party data but they also experience higher-quality phone engagement. Examples include prospects who wish to hear from a salesperson; clients expecting a callback from customer service; and customers seeking to renew or upgrade their accounts. These are first-rate connections that drive positive business outcomes.

The Three-Pronged Approach for First-Party Success

There is a three-pronged approach for successfully collecting data from clients and leveraging it to your advantage (and theirs).

Imagine taking data from existing forms and coupling it with branding live phone calls, on top of the analytics derived from those calls. What do you get? Data-driven intelligence.

  1. Website and app forms and data
  2. Live, branded phone calls
  3. Branded call analytics

Marketers have found that combining these three data sources can help them build more granular profiles. As a result, the increased focus and targeting leads to more effective outreach and more substantial sales and marketing initiatives.

Improved Phone Engagement

By enabling high-quality phone connections, organizations that use branded phone calls also realize higher-quality engagement because they reach people who want to speak with them.  They see double-digit improvements (up to 97% increase in engagement lift) in various areas; these include revenue, renewals, upsells, lead conversions, and incident resolution. Another benefit is improved efficiency for those placing the calls; the caller tends to spend more time conversing with credible contacts and less time trying to reach them.

Organizations are also experiencing improvements in several call metric areas, including call duration, conversions, and answer rates.

The cookieless future doesn’t have to mean a future without marketing insights. With branded phone calls, companies are turning the cookieless future into a true competitive advantage. They’re capturing more robust first-party data and driving quality phone engagement by reaching the right people at the moments that matter.

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